Sunday, February 6, 2011

Healin Us

Written By FaithRMichaels
The time has come.
It is calling from within .
It is time,it is time.
Today we will share what is being given.
Healing much healing going on now.
Healing of hearts,restoring the lost information so that those who hear and respond to the call can easily find what they are searching for.
healing of the fractured illusion that says we are less and we are separate from each other and Life.
It is now that healing of the heart begins..indeed awareness of the heart and it's message is now becoming The Way to communicate with yourself and all of life.
Butterfly is ancient symbol of metamorphosis
Time now is Butterfly time.
Several messages are being delivered now.
One...Being authentic,Being the change one wishes to see in the world...Walking in your truth...
In this time leaders or requiring an authority tell one what is correct or no longer required.
Life is nudging us to understand that Truth and the way to know it is within.
It has always been there but much self doubt,fear, and uncertainty has been in the way...
Religions have told us that we require someone else to speak to Creator for us...This is not so.
Prayer ..asking...beseeching a divine Deity to intercede in this world for us has been the common practice.
This is also not the way.
The Divine is now saying ..YOU are the way that I am manifested...this is why you were created. to manifest I AM...
The Divine is saying...I cannot manifest here without your co-operation for this is why you were given free will.
choose either more life or choose less life...and when you choose you will see the results of your choosing...
Abundance and wonder is NOT about material opalescence...material opalescence can be one way that this is done..provided this is shared ...however... mostly material opalescence is about fear,..fear of being less,fear of being powerless,it is a way to learn that power over others is a way to enslave yourself.
Two... we are now beginning to understand as a collective that energy is all there is...That our human bodies are energy centers and that yes indeed that our thoughts are energy ,our voice is energy,and that indeed we are powerful in this connection to the enegy field that is our manifested universe...
Quantum Physics shows us this as a science.

When one restores balance one restores health to all of the bodies.
Physical dis-ease is the way that is manifested to show that something is out of balance.
The old saying "As above so below" is very accurate and a law of manifestation.
Whatever one fills their being with will manifest..
If one fills their being with the energy of fear,sadness,anger,loss,anything that is less than...such as envy,feeling small,being a victim,,then all that resonates and harmonizes with these frequencies including disease will manifest in your world.
This is known as Karma and is one way to explain what "bad" Karma is.
When you fill up your being with the energy of compassion ,grace,strength,love,
These energies attract to it things that harmonize and resonate with this energy.
so even if you are working out some "bad Karma" and you begin this resonating with beauty in awareness..then dis-ease gets cured or healed.
Life elements will be drawn to you that bring about a restoring of the balance within.

There is more to this understanding but for now we are just going to touch on this subject in this manner.
Herbs, homeopathic remedies,gemstone therapies,healing by touch,Reshi,acupressure,acupuncture, chakra balancing, meditation, prayer,Chi,Mineral and vitamin therapies,magnetic therapies,  work because they help restore energy balance to the body.
Any element or even a standard medication is composed of atoms,protons,neutrons,electrons that are arranged in specific ways and have a positive and negative charges within it.These elements are broken down within the body to their energy levels and are picked up and used by the body using the electric charges that each element has. These elements are picked up by the cells through ion gate channels. These ion gates let in certain types of charged the cell will recognize calcium's energy arrangement signature and open the gate so that calcium can be used by the cells...this is a simple way to understand this energy in use.

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