Saturday, May 8, 2010

What do you recommend for?

I am often asked this question;
What kind of foods or supplements do I need to help______?
Fill in the blank with your ailment of choice.
The answer I give is always the same.
The reason it is the same is because all body unwellness can be assisted greatly by adding to your diet a few additions.

These diet additions are:
Minerals and Essential fatty acids along with your vitamins, digestive enzymes and intestinal friendly flora bacteria.
The extra short list below has ALL the nutrition the body requires.
I am giving the condensed version here with links so that if you require more info on any subject here you can research it more in depth for yourself.
Get your nutrition from whole foods not pill or capsule form supplements.
The reasons to NOT use a vitamin pill are endless.
Now having said that I will say this.
There are times when all one has access to is a brand name supplement...
In such cases I recommend a chewable such as Centrum Silver complete(chewables are already mostly digested while chewing and get to the bloodstream in a faster way..along with the fact that some vitamin pills) , a liquid vitamin Mineral complete supplement drink or a sublingual way.
Just make sure your liquid nutrition does not have high fructose corn syrup in the list of ingredients ..This is pure poison for the body in large doses and over long term. High fructose Corn syrup contributes to obesity ( my opinion it is often the cause) and is the number 1 cause of age related diabetes.
This is a proven sci-fact.
But I digress so back to subject at hand:

A whole food supplement list:
Spirolina-for protein and all minerals including trace plus vitamins.
Acaiberries-for all or most amino acids and all three Essential fatty acids plus a whole array of vitamins.
Raw honey -for allergy protection and anti-biotic and anti-viral protection.
Friendly bacteria and digestive enzimes: is found these days in many yogurts such has activia ect.They are also present in some proportions naturally in cheese,cottage cheese,buttermilk and plain or fruit yogurt.
You can usually find these digestive supplements at a nutrition center under the names of acidolphius or pro biotics in most name brand food stores
A natural occuring sulpher element that is essential for so many body functions on the celluar level.
Herbalist note:
For those allergic to sulpher.... MSM(which is organic sulpher) is NOT the same as the sulpher in medications. MSM is found in ALL raw foods naturally.
I always recommend that people take their nutrition supplements seperatly from their medications because some nutrients interfer with medication absorbtion.
also if you are taking blood thinners there are some nutrion elements that interfer with the medicines always ask your pharmisist if there are ANY vitamins herbs or minerals that cause a problem with your medications.
I always check this when I am working with a person to insure that there is no contraindications from herbal or nutrional therapy with any medication.

Our bodies were designed to eat natural food and extract nutrition from foods.
Mother Nature made foods with just the correct proportion of fiber, vitamins and minerals so that all life forms could use the nutrition in foods. There are some foods that are called superfoods.They are foods that contain almost all of the nurtitional requirments for humans.

How herbs assist nutritionally:
One of the ways that herbs assist people is through nutrition .
Herbs are full of minerals and vitamins plus other helpful healing stuff in the proper proportion for our body to use them.
The proper proportion here is vital.... because whole food supplements always have the proportion of vitamins and minerals together so that the human body can use the nutrition it gets from foods.
Of course this is not the only assistance herbs have for humans. Herbs used in restoring wellness have many ways to assist the human being.

example: some herbs have antibiotic and anti-viral properties.
Some herbs have diuretic properties and so on and so forth.

Special Cases:
There are special cases among humans where eating foods or taking a whole food supplement through the bodies natural processes of digestion is not feasible.
These cases are among those human beings who have advanced celiac,diverticulitis,ulcers, or irritable bowel or perhaps some of their intestines or stomach ect have been these cases getting nutrition from intestinal absorption is difficult and often these people are literlly dying from severe mal-nutrition.
The program for them is the same as the one I am going to outline here with one exception.
Those people with problem digestive situations have to get their vitamin and minerals sublingualy or homeopathicly.
This means under the tongue. The body starts to absorb things under the tongue and through the mouth and this includes all vitamins and minerals.

But I eat Healthy already!
I am told this statement very often:
"But I eat good healthy food" or this one
"I have a good diet."

My answer to this type of statement is .... in today's world unless you eat organically or from your own organic garden then most likely you are suffering from mineral deficiencies.
Go here for a fairly complete understanding of why we are starving to death in the midst of plenty.

Eat Real Foods!
We get enough vitamins as a rule.
Everything you eat is vitamin enriched...
The reason it is vitamin enriched is to replace what the processing removed.
They enrich it with the elements including fiber that you would have in it naturally if it wasn't made from white flour.
Bleached white flour makes for softer bread but is lacking in nutrition so they "put the nutrition back in"to make up for what they took out.
This makes no sense to me.

Just eat foods the way they were originally created.Simply put...Eat real foods that are not processed or have additions that you have no clue about what they are on the label.
If you do this you will not have to worry about fats.
For more info on the good fats and why they are essential for good health go here

Genetically modified foods:
Nowadays genetically modified foods DO NOT mean that a scientist has altered a foods genes to produce a bigger or better variety. Genetically altered foods are a food that has been so altered that the human body no longer recognizes this as food and some other elements that are NOT found naturally have been added genetically. They are harmful.
for more on this subject go here:

My doctor said.... :
I hear this statement alot.
It is usually followed by this one.
" I will ask my doctor about this.
Go ahead ask them but do not be surprised if your doc says something like this..
"I do not think it will help,or there have been "no studies" to prove it "helps"
"just take a vitamin supplement and you will be fine"....
Or calling what herbs do a pseudo science or some other name.(We now have scientific back up,plus many double blind studies, and more research that prove what herbalists and holistic practitioners have been saying all along.)
This is but one of many examples.
Would you be surprised to know that most doctors are not trained in nutrition and have little if any knowledge on herbs and their benefits!
Many doctors have not kept up with the latest research medically much less anything else.
Their job is to diagnose the problem and prescribe pharmaceutical drugs.

That is why they send you to a dietitian or someone who specializes in nutrition.
For the most part the nutritionists they send you to know what foods you require for basic nutrition ,but unless they are "Doctor Oz from Oprah" type of people then their knowledge is limited.
(I do not know why.. but I have my own ideas)
Then of course there is the AMA,FDA,and we all know that for the most part they are handmaidens of the pharmaceutical companies.
There is no huge profit for drug companies in wellness or healthy people.
But that is another article.
In summary by taking the items I have outlined above for the reasons linked to will help anyone begin to restore their health.

Last but not least:
Restoring health is a process that begins with a good nutrition diet.
Your individual situataion may require a more in depth approch with many different elements. If you require further information for your condition... e-mail me.

Where to get what I have listed.
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Other herbal stuff...this is the only person I trust to give me purity and quality...I make no monies from advertisng this site for her..I do it because she is just plain awesome.